What's your brand?

>> Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today, there are many generic products in the market. There's a generic medicines, detergent, soy sauce, underwear, and so many others.

They're cheaper, and that's great. But there are risks. Some of these products, packed without any brand name, are produced by fly-by-bight factories. They can be lousy and downright dangerous.

Well, excuse me, but I'm not generic.
Because my heart has a brand, and I want to scream His name, and let His cross be my banner, and His love be my battle cry.

I'm not a product of a fly-by-night company. No thanks. I'm a product of the Kingdom of God. The Almighty designed me, engineered me and fashioned me for His glory.

I dont come cheap either, because I was bought by the high price: the Blood of the Lamb.

Treat me with some class, okay?

Lord, many times, I don't see the beauty You have put within me. I treat myself like dirt when Your love has formed into gold. Give me Your eyes and let me see what You see in me!


Give Freedom and be free yourself..

>> Monday, February 23, 2009

I was talking to someone who was very timid, afraid of crowds, shy and hesitant to enter into a relationship with someone. He had been psychologically and emotionally abused as a child, starved of affection, always told he was worthless, very unwanted. I was not very subtle with him, I asked, "have you ever forgiven your parents?" "you've got to be kidding!" he replied. "they've made a complete mess of my life! Never!" "You can change that mess," I said, "with the power of forgiveness" and with that, he left me. A couple of days later, he approached me again and asked me to help him begin to forgive. We prayed for quite a while asking Jesus to help him, to give him the strength to forgive. I encouraged him to ask God for the grace of forgiveness each day until he thought he could not only say "I forgive you" but also feel it in his heart. Sure enough, after a number of weeks, his life and personality changed. Instead of harboring hatred and resentment towards his parents, he chose to set them free - which in turn set him free as well.

Lord, give us the power to forgive as You forgave Your tormentors on the cross.


Sticky Situations.

>> Friday, February 13, 2009

A car cutting another vehicle.
Pedestrians crossing while the red light is on.
Cars taking the opposite lane.
Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!
It's called Traffic, with a capital T.
Who causes it?
We do.
Just like life.
When I choose to short cut His plans.
When I ran away from His call.
When I stubbornly cling to how I want thing done.
When He gives me a red light and I still do it my way.
Jam! I get stuck!
Who causes it?
I do.
Lord, bring me back to the trafficless world.

Lord, let me recognize it when I'm stuck in my life. Show me the way home.

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